Spontaneous Painting and Drawing

Drawing or painting without plan can be an excellent way to build interest and energy and to get the creative juices flowing. I come back to this again and again especially when I feel uninspired or have no idea what I want to paint. I simply begin with some marks or a spontaneously chosen color; I may focus on a movement connected with an emotion or the movement may seem completely random. I continue to make marks without a plan while paying attention to what is taking shape. Sometimes I begin to see a potential image and choose to bring it out. A narrative may develop. Sometimes the work remains completely abstract. Surprisingly often something comes out that surprises me and really speaks to me; other drawing or paintings say nothing and are eventually discarded. Many can stand on their own as art pieces, and some are used as references for larger paintings.

I enjoy doing a few consecutive, ten minute (approximately) drawings using this method and sometimes bring the technique into larger and more time intensive paintings or paintings. A series of one minute drawing on card size paper can be just what I need to see new possibilities.  The paintings and drawings below came out of this process. The mediums and sizes vary and are listed below each work.

“Patterns in Nature” 5 X 7 in. Oil on Canvas

“Angel of the Harvest” 11 X 14 in. Graphite on Paper

“Unwanted Visitor” 11 X 14 in. Graphite on Paper

“Unplanned Watercolor” 11 X 9 in. Watercolor on Paper

“Ancient River Bank City” 36 X 48 in. Oil on Unstretched Canvas

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