Some of My Favorite Paintings

My friend asked me what is my favorite painting in the whole world. I can’t think of a single favorite painting but these artist came to mind as favorites. Here’s why.

John Singer Sargent – I love the way a lot of his work is so expressive while still being very true to reality. This is a painter that comes to mind when I think of virtuosity.

Pieter Bruegel – The scale of his work has always amazed me – how much space is included.

Paul Klee – I have always loved the intimacy and playfulness of his line and color

Alice Neel – Her paintings are raw and capture something vital in her subjects. There is a looseness that allows her spontaneous energy to come through

Chaim Soutine – I had not heard of this artist until last year when someone suggested I look him up because of similarities with my house and village paintings. I love the energy of the off-kilter compositions.

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