Watercolor Unity

I wanted to follow up on the subject of unity and on the techniques and ways of seeing that I learned from my painting teacher, Kaji Aso. I discussed this in an earlier post.

Anne brought home some beautiful tulips and put one of them in the ceramic dragon vase. I had to paint it.

I followed the watercolor technique that I learned from Mr. Aso. I started with light washes of yellow, yellow being the brightest color, the one that most “comes out”. Yellow is followed by rose then red or light green and lastly blue. This order is not set it stone. It is based on the principle of first using colors that radiate out and then grounding them with colors that sink back. I mixed some colors to get the darkest darks, but mixing was never advocated by Mr. Aso, only layering.

I have to admit that I cleaned up the background of the photo with Photoshop. There was some stray yellow from that first layer.

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